SEO - Three ways to get more leads from your website

Three ways to get more leads from your website

�Digital marketing� is the business of bringing more of the right people to your website. It�s every bit as important as building a good site in the first place, and if you do it well, you�ll see return on investment quickly. There are three basic parts to it: search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media.

marketing team meetingSearch Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (usually shortened to SEO) simply means making your site more attractive to search engines like Google so it will be placed higher on the page of search results. The higher on the page, the more people click on it.
But there are no shortcuts. If you hear, �For X dollars, we�ll get you the top listing,� run away. Search engine optimization is a steady, careful process that requires monitoring search engine results month after month and continually refining your site.
We can manage all aspects of SEO for you. We�ve recruited well-paid, experienced digital marketers, and we�ll act as an extension of your business, meeting with you every month and steadily raising your site�s visibility and the return on investment that comes with it.

tabletSearch Engine Marketing

One sure way to get a good position on the results page is to buy it. The ads at the top of the page and down the right side are �search engine marketing.� It�s also called �pay-per-click� because that�s how it works, you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it to go to your website.
How much will it cost?  That depends on the value of the customer you�re trying to reach. To reach someone who searched for �Gluten-free bread mix� you might pay 50� per click. For someone who searched for �small business loans,� about $60.00.
To steer your ad to the right people, you make a list of relevant �keywords,� and your ad will only be seen by people who search on them.
If you choose to have us manage search engine marketing for you, we�ll provide a dedicated Digital Marketing Manager who will work to keep you ahead of your competitors, and we�ll bring with us 16 years of experience doing search engine marketing that has consistently boosted ROI for our clients.

Social Media

The third leg of digital marketing is social media�Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and the rest. Used well, they�ll draw people to your site and get it into the massive flow of conversation and references on the web, and the search engines will notice.
The key is creating content that draws attention and gets passed around.
Don�t imagine that you have nothing interesting to tell. Every business is interesting to its customers and to people in related businesses. Post things people would find interesting if you were talking face-to-face.
We can show you how to get the most out of the effort you�re putting into social media. We can help you develop interesting content, provide you with tools that save time, and show you strategies that have proven to work for companies like yours.

People are searching the web for businesses like yours right now.
Make sure they see you. 

By itself, even a good website won�t make your phone ring. Digital marketing that leads the right people to your site will. We have proven strategies and the technical expertise to do it.  And we�re a certified Google Partner, a designation given to digital marketing companies trusted by Google for good practices and good service.
For a free, no-commitment consultation on how to increase ROI through digital marketing, contact the good people at our digital marketing initiative, Deep Footprint.  They�ll show how they�ve done it for other businesses like yours.
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